A letter from heavens to Taliban apologists

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apsSalam everyone

I am Khola Altaf, youngest victim of TTP Bloodshed in Army Public School Peshawar. I was 5 year old today when got bullet in my head and it was my second day in the school. I used to draw sketches at my home and run to catch butterflies. My parents thought I am big enough to go to school. So they sent me APS day before today. The purpose of my writing to you is none other but to tell you that I am happy in the Home of God. All the recent residents like me are happy and cheerful here. But we have heard that you people are upset and sad about us. That is not good.

Dear Parents! I won’t say that you sent me school to die. No parents want that. But I will ask, Schools are meant for death which came to me? You sent me to learn and excel and what I got? A bullet at point blank! I know life after me will be hard for you but try your best to ascertain why I got death in the school. Even though I would have alive, the scenes of death around me were heavy enough for the rest of my life. Baba! I can’t tell you how horrible and cruel faces shot at my poor fellows and me. Mama! The good thing happened that I am no more to tell you and show you my tears and fears of that day.

Dear Uncle Nawaz Sharif! Are you really upset that we were killed in such a brutal way? But you wasted lot of time claiming Taliban were “misled people” or “mere reactionaries”. Dear Prime Minister Uncle! You took oath with the words: “That, as Prime Minister of Pakistan, I will discharge my duties, and perform my functions, honestly, to the best of my ability, faithfully in accordance with the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the law, and always in the interest of the sovereignty, integrity, solidarity, well- being and prosperity of Pakistan. That I will preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan; That, in all circumstances, I will do right to all manner of people, according to law, without fear or favour, affection or ill- will!”.

So after my death will you sworn in again or correct the previous one? Don’t forget that Taliban didn’t give me time to cry and my blood color is redder like my innocence.

Dear Uncle Imran Khan! My security and sanctity was the responsibility of your government in Peshawar. Before my death, I always chanted along with you “Go Nawaz Go” for consecutive four months. I was happy along with other kids that our elders are talking about Change and new Pakistan. Is that New Pakistan which you used to say? Is that really new Pakistan after my death? Dear Imran Uncle! Now you know about your Angry Brothers (Taliban) who shot in my head? Now, do you feel ashamed on your offer to open offices for Taliban in Peshawar? Why don’t you feel pain of the kids like me because your sons live in safe heaven somewhere?

Dear Pious Uncles! No worldly or divine book will prove my murder a right action. You and your children are lucky and special ones for being never hit or targeted by so called and alleged conspirators (America, India, Israel, Iran etc.) Before saying something in favour of Taliban, do think there will come a Day of Judgment after all .That Day you won’t have support of armed establishment, wild and ignorant mercenaries at your disposal. Please don’t legitimize brutal actions through verses of Holy Quran.

Dear Uncle Raheel Sharif! The cap on your head and stick in your hand will never remain with you; it will pass on to somebody else. You know better than anybody that a Good is always good and bad is bad everywhere and every season. You have the power to crush enemies of Pakistan. Just do it please!

Dear all Pakistani Uncles! I know your grief and helplessness is immense. The power and changing authority is not in your hands. May be pick and choose policy will start while punishments start. Some will guise themselves as mourners but they will be enemy of nation. Some will try to save their necks by piling up books and logics. But please! to save your own kids like me, just remember our blood. It’s time to indentify murderers and their accomplices. Remember our innocent faces please. Our sacrifice must always keep your eyes and mind awake.

Pakistan Zindabad

Yours sincerely

Khola Altaf

shakeel haiderA posthumous letter by the youngest victim of Army Public School Peshawar penned by Shakeel Haider

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  1. Imam Bakhsh December 29, 2014 5:44 pm Reply

    very touching lines made me emotional

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