Was Hina Khar impressive in India?

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By: Muhammad Saeed Akhtar

Ms Khar’s elevation to the stature of the Foreign Minister of Pakistan had had a mixed response from the media; the far right found the decision ridiculous, the reader’s curiosity was satiated by the juicy stories about her and the majority of far right showed indifference; taking it as the other foolish decision of the incompetent government. Obviously, ‘liberals’ came to her rescue.

They tweeted the tweets of appreciation, calling it the momentous decision which enabled the young lady to represent Pakistanis the world. Her impressive credentials were surfed to refute the claims of her incompetence and inexperience. Even I tweeted in her favour. One of the cynic liberals (a well known English scriber) tweeted to keep Mahesh Bhatt away from Delhi.

She left for Delhi as a first woman Foreign Minister ever in our history to talk on the bilateral issues with India. The Indian media focused on her looks and mostly ignored what she said. There was nothing to say really. She rehearsed herself to look confident and well versed in the art of diplomacy. Confident she looked and hers care of colours of attires matched the Bollywood beauties, no doubt, but regarding the art of diplomacy it needed more grooming.

A couple of days back on VOA some seasoned Indian journalist, sorry his name slips my memory, when asked about his hopes from the meeting of the two foreign ministers, replied, “our minister is hard of hearing and Pakistani counterpart is beautiful.” The audience had heard the hearty laugh of Tariq Fatimi who was also on the panel.  Coming back to her art of diplomacy she turned out to be the “Pal the parrot”. She just narrated the old script, written almost 60 years back like the script of Anarkali. Had the script of Anarkali been not written we would have much better stage plays but the rhetoric and cheap romanticism ruined our stage so did the mite eaten diplomacy script.

As the Indian counterpart; he is hard of hearing. The same script from their side also. The Indian media sang the oft repeated mantra of Hafiz Saeed. Why do not we both admit that the relationship between India and Pakistan can never be normalized? A friend of mine went to India for the heart surgery of his son, availing the opportunity provided by the government of Vajpae.

At Atari he was surrounded by the Indian intelligence officer. “Where is Hafiz Saeed?”What is Jamat-e-Dawa doing?” He had all the barrages of questions when searching for a glass of water for the ailing son and he could not find any. At last here quested them to leave him alone as he himself was shia and did not like the person and the organization they were keen to know. “You are shia?”

Somehow he boarded on the bus for Delhi. At Delhi some other personnel was waiting for him. “You are Shia why do not you work for us?” He politely told them that he was an Assistant Professor of Economics and he was not that cheap to be an agent. He was spared then. The visitor from India might have to face the same here.

Unfortunately, whosoever becomes the Foreign Minister of Pakistan starts dreaming to be a Prime Minister someday. The foreign ministry is haunted by the ghost of Bhutto like the house of Macbeth; haunted by the ghost of Banco. Every minister emulates Bhutto but not realizing the fact that he was a voracious reader and was very well versed in the discipline of International Relations. When Kanjo was the minister for states for foreign affairs the joke was common in the vicinity of Bahawalpur. “When Kanjo met the FM of Vietnam he started praising USA’s efforts to rescue Vietnam from the economic crunch.” Joke apart the story is almost the same. Three cheers for our beautiful foreign minister.


Muhammad Saeed AkhtarA vivid reader of history and different literatures, Muhammad Saeed Akhtar teaches English language and literature at a college and can be reached at [email protected]


  1. rashid July 28, 2011 11:10 pm Reply

    she is talented lady but not fit as forign minister.

  2. Meekal Ahmed July 29, 2011 4:20 pm Reply

    I agree that some of the adverse remarks against Ms Khar were in bad taste. Let me just say she is in way over her head.

  3. Qaisrani July 29, 2011 5:57 pm Reply

    No doubt, Ms Khar is a charming, beautiful lady. The reports about negotiations between the two counterparts indicate positive notes. It is, to some extent, because of glamorous looks of Pakistani FM Ms Khar, I suppose. Foreign Policy Magazine, yesterday in a light vein, titled Ms Khar as “Pakistan’s new Weapon of Mass Destruction”.
    However, I do not agree to the notion of the learned writer that relations between India & Pakistan can not go normal. Their mutual relations can normalize provided both States come out of the bitterness of Independence days, I believe.

  4. Dr. Afaq Ahmad Qureshi July 30, 2011 11:18 am Reply

    Excellent article. Bravo Saeed Sahib. Hope to see many like these in future.

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